Monday, May 27, 2013

Make Along: Cherry Vinegar- part two

I have been preparing for a presentation on beverages to beat the heat. I'm choosing a fusion of modern and period by presenting period beverages in a modern "tasting" format.

One of the favorite summer beverages of the mid 19th century is a fruit vinegar diluted into cold or iced water. 

Last time, I shared the recipe and we got started.

For this next step you will need:
Jar containing your cherries an vinegar mixture
Another pound of cherries, stones and stems removed
Glass Bowl
Clean, sturdy, loose-weave cloth

So far, you should have had the cherries steeping for several days in a glass container with a secure lid.

In this next step, you will take the cloth and place it over the bowl.
Carefully pour the vinegar through the cloth into the bowl, retaining the cherries in the cloth.

Take up the edges of the cloth and twist, expressing the juice from the cherries.
Discard the cherries in the cloth.
Place the new cherries in the jar.
Pour the vinegar & cherries mixture over the new cherries.
Secure the lid and set the jar aside for two to three days.

See you in another two to three days. :-)

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